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Night of Shadow, Day of Light

Life weighs us down

With its dark energies

In the obscurity

The path seems slow

Then come the warriors

Those who know the truth

The way out of this jungle of dangers

Not easy to find one’s way

But thanks to those enlightened

And the hand of my Father

I cross with serenity

Facing darkness

Horror movies

I pause


In the light

For I am light

I put away my weapons

I lay down my fears

And I remain calm

In what I truly am

I let go

And I access peace and love


Without doubt

One of the most painful

And one of the most beautiful days

To face the devil head-on

And to use love to win

My father and my guides

Friends and bees

The little girl and the Om chanting

The little houses of the chakras

With the scent of noni on the ground

The sun and the sound of the drum

The eye of the universe and of love

Serenity in these tears of a thank you

Forgiveness granted to multiple pains

Forgiveness asked of sensitive hearts

A I love you, several I love yous

To them, to Him, to Her, to us,

To Self

To Love, Life

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