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Keep a Journal of Joy

With the Spiritual Journal of Joy, engage in an inner adventure where each day becomes an opportunity to discover what naturally brings you joy. Think about the conscious actions you can take to enrich your daily life with joyful moments, whether by dancing, singing, practicing physical activity, sharing a moment with a loved one, cooking, or helping others.

Meditation plays an important role in this application. She guides you through different practices, allowing you to capture the essence of each moment. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, the Joy Journal offers you a space to record your meditative experiences and share your post-meditation sensations and discoveries.

Beyond a simple journal, this application is a life companion that motivates you to maintain a spiritual routine. Diligent users who dedicate themselves to this enriching practice for three weeks receive a spiritual certificate and a Joy Adept badge, demonstrating their commitment to their emotional and spiritual well-being.

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