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These teachings were channeled by Cathy Muller into a Christlike communion for the good of humanity.

You still have within you after-effects, feelings in relation to human injustice, towards Universal Love, towards the Love of God, towards God himself, towards of religion.

Of course, men have interpreted and distorted certain data, but the great messages of love which are at the heart of different religions are correct: love, love without limits, tolerance, respect for everything, for everything. being, for yourself, Love with a capital A is essential.

Multiple beliefs, multiple erroneous patterns, have made you take certain paths that are significantly more difficult, in relation to love, your ideal of love. But what is love? Simply put, love energy is the most powerful, comforting and warm energy.

You are today incarnated to learn detachment in love, that is to say true love, the one which demands nothing, which asks for nothing, the one which is shared naturally without any interest on either side. the other, true love, which is not possessive, which is not enjoyable, which is not demanding. Only this true Love allows you to love and, through the love you give, to receive it in return.

But be careful, you are not always going to receive this love from the person to whom you give it, there is also something to understand here. Sometimes you feel like you're giving, giving, giving. There is no recognition, there is nothing in return. It discourages you, you are worn out, you feel depressed, you find it unfair and it puts you in negative vibrations of frustration. You are frustrated with the love you give.

So let's see this in a much broader way, you have understood your mission, it is to give love; for that, there is nothing to say, you give and it is perfect, it is true love. On the other hand, you all have a conscious or unconscious form of frustration within you and that is what you must erase.

By giving love, you elevate your soul. Your soul thus elevated allows you to be in this dimension where you receive. You receive love, you receive guidance, you receive advice, you are in your family and you receive, you receive, you receive. Obviously, it doesn't come from the people to whom you transmit on earth, but it doesn't matter, you give, you receive.

The notion of exchange is not always well understood or perceived. So don't stop giving love, because everything you give, even if you don't receive it back on earth, you receive it in another way. You enter this light, you enter this sanctuary where everything is pure love, hence the importance of being regularly, especially when you are in these feelings of frustration, in the silence of your being, to feel this love that you too receive. No one asked you to become saints. Although sometimes I can imagine a few well-spread wings or halos above your heads, you are humans in training.

Today we must have this notion of eternity in relation to the soul and not only this earthly part of you which experiences in matter. You are much bigger, much more beautiful than just this part that represents you on earth. I'm not saying at all that this part isn't beautiful, but there is something higher that you are part of, that is part of you: love.

These lessons also aim to teach you to let go of certain beliefs, to break certain patterns, to remove any form of limits that you impose on yourself. It also gives you an opportunity to get to know yourself more. So why not write, put your frustrations into words? You all have frustrations. Frustrations are mixtures of energies that pull downward. Frustration produces sadness, anger, discouragement and even depression. Do this introspection and write down what these frustrations are in your lives. These are the limits you impose on yourself in this life. You create these frustrations, even if obviously they come most of the time from outside, you welcome them, you nourish them, you love them.

Let's take two examples of frustration:

The lack of recognition from my loved ones for all the work done

You limit yourself. It is in this lack of recognition that you set your own limits and it is up to you not to enter into this game, not to feed this fantasy. This is not an educational lesson, it has absolutely nothing to do with it. It's you versus you. It has nothing to do with the others. Do you respect yourself by accepting certain things? Are you yourself comfortable in this role of person who does everything, who takes responsibility for everything? Do you like it? By analyzing this, you will see that you create these frustrations yourself. You are not victims.

Lack of time for yourself

You have all the time, all the time. Yes, you are responsible alone, you need money, the children are in demand. But you have plenty of time. It's up to you to organize your life to have this time and you can very well achieve it. You limit yourself. In this frustration, you force the Universe not to give you more means to have time. You limit yourself.

You limit yourself. These are your limits!

I will ask you to analyze: To what extent do I limit myself and how? It is indeed others who put me in this situation of frustration, of victim, but how do I limit myself? Because you are not a victim. No one is a victim. If you think you are, it's because you enjoy this role. You are not a victim, it is a role that you play and that you enjoy playing.

Do this analysis: How can I transform this energy of frustration which pulls me down, which prevents me from being happy, which puts me in great anger, in sadness, even sometimes in sadness? depression ? How can I transform this frustration into “spring” energy?

You will build a march with all these frustrations. They have served you well in this life and you can thank them. They served you to learn, to understand, to move forward, to free memories, to cleanse impurities, it was necessary, you needed it, but not anymore. You don’t need this frustrated energy anymore.

Build a beautiful step and put all these dense energies into it. You can then walk on this step of energy to go beyond.

Let's take the case of a woman who comes home, and her children ask, impose, demand, and her husband complains... She feels like a victim. And yet... If she comes in completely relaxed, she's the one who imposes: "I arrive, I settle down, I want to simply spend time with you, without necessarily doing, doing, doing... That's how it is."

You are not a victim, you love this role. But now this role, you are going to put it in this walk with all these energies of frustration, all your money worries, health problems... and you are going to walk on it. It will help you go beyond.

Build your staircase with this teaching and the next ones, with all these behavioral errors, and these mental habits that prevent you from being unlimited.

Deep down, it always comes down to a lack of love for yourself. It’s love you don’t give to yourself, it doesn’t concern anyone else. This is unlove for yourself. Think back to your frustrations, it always comes down to a lack of love for yourself.

This first step is important to be able to advance to the higher stages of the next six steps. You are limitless, this is what your soul desires, this is the example that you will have to give, to teach. Now think back to your frustrations. Complete your first step.

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