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At the Vortex

The journey to the Riambel Vortex continues with a twenty-minute meditation in the heart of the Vortex. Visitors are then invited to meditate in the chapel of their choice, where silence supports deeper introspection. The 7 chapels correspond to the 7 chakras and are presented on this page.


Meditation at the Vortex

Start by spending around twenty minutes on the Vortex, a place of deep energy and serenity. Journalist Joëlle Théo from L'express shared her experience, describing the Vortex as a “very vibrational center, a place of healing for the soul.” You don't have to do anything, just sit back, relax and let the energy of the Vortex envelop you.

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Root chakra chapel

It is the most visited chapel with the heart chakra. You should not do more than two meditations of around twenty minutes per visit. You must therefore choose two chapels... Explore the roots of your being with a meditation on the root chakra at the Vortex of Riambel. This practice focuses on connecting to the earth, promoting a sense of security and balance. You will be guided through an experience aimed at releasing emotions linked to fear and strengthening grounding. 


Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra, or hara, is a vital center located at the level of the navel, and meditation on this chakra at the Riambel Vortex is a profound experience. This practice focuses on resolving heavy emotions, such as guilt, and treating illnesses related to these emotions. In this chapel, a particular energy helps with relaxation and clear decision-making. Additionally, a cleansing of the digestive organs may be requested, promoting overall purification and thus improving general well-being.

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Solar plexus meditation chapel

The solar plexus chakra directly influences organs like the spleen, pancreas, and lymphatic system, and plays a role in treating infections and inflammations, such as appendicitis, arthritis, bronchitis, and more. others.

Psychologically, it is particularly beneficial for those who experience anger or lack self-esteem. The energies present in this chapel of the Vortex of Riambel work to rebalance and redistribute the vital forces for harmonious well-being


Heart chakra

The heart chakra, the vital center of our emotions, is a focal point at the Riambel Vortex. Here, special energies work to heal issues related to the heart, such as sorrows and negative feelings that hinder the opening of the heart. This chapel is a place of healing for those seeking to overcome nervous breakdown, often mixed with sadness and fear. It is also a space to deal with questions of love, feelings and self-image.



Throat chakra meditation

For all those who do not dare to speak, who keep within themselves, who are always left unsaid, who are easily influenced by others. This chakra also affects the ears and the entire otolaryngological system and the neck. For those who run away from reality, who don't want to hear, who don't want to see, who don't want to say. Alongside the treatment, it is obviously necessary to work on mastery to force yourself to speak, to listen, to see, without fear, with confidence.


Third eye chapel

The opening to the parallel world. For all those who have reached a certain level or who want to “see” more, this sanctuary will bring many benefits in this sense. It will also be useful to all those who have problems with entities, in order to close this opening on the other world, on visions, and certain unpleasant feelings. This work will be done in parallel with that of the crown chakra.



Crown chakra meditation

In this chapel, meditate on all genetic diseases, because they are directly linked to old lives as well as personal and family karma. It is in this chapel that the bonds of souls which no longer have reason to exist will be cut, at this stage of the general evolution of souls, in agreement with yours obviously. It is in this chapel that low-level negative attachments to the world which concern your own soul will be dealt with.

Learn more about meditation and follow a guided meditation with the Founder Cathy.

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