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Vortex Divination Cards

How to get the best of your divination

  1. Take three deep breaths to clear your mind

  2. On your 1st draw, you will get your Master card, a guide on your spiritual path. Otherwise, formulate your question

  3. Take another deep breath to center yourself

  4. Browse the 64 cards until one draws your attention

  5. Click and observe the illustration first

  6. Read the description and meditate on the teaching

The practice of card divination is based on the idea that all the answers to our questions already exist within us, at different levels of our being, including within our divine self. When we draw a card, it serves as a guide or pointer to these answers, depending on our state of mind at the time of the consultation. Being in a high state of consciousness, free from prejudices and open to the universe, allows you to obtain clearer and more precise indications. The formulation of the question must therefore be done in this state of mind, the reflection and interpretation coming after revealing the card.

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