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General Mobilisation for the Light 21-23 June

We invite everyone to a special moment, where, deep in the human heart, we will symbolically place a bouquet of flowers to mark the end of conflicts and recognize together that our Earth, the one we share, now refuses struggles for possession and power. Speak through this force of love, everyone will be offered the chance to rise and harmonize with the vibrations of our planet, in a movement where the Earth unites with Heaven. Expect to experience internal upheaval, necessary for a global awakening, which will take place gently, without any form of constraint, respecting the fundamental freedom of each being to fully live their incarnation. It is time to remember that all human beings currently present on our planet have chosen to return to peace and participate in collective ascension.

This general mobilization will be directed towards the heart of humanity,

The Collective of Light

Message received via Cathy/Hinri channel

Mobilisation at the Riambel Vortex

June 21, 22 and 23 at 10:30 a.m.

General Mobilisation - 21-22-22 - 06-2024
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