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This meditation is a gift from Heaven! Music and sounds guide you, the voice of a little angel takes you to peace. Light flows through you through the crown chakra and throughout your body... This meditation is in French though, check the guided meditation in English below if your French is rusty. 

Mediation guideeCathy Muller et Lina
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Admire a spiritual Master in deep meditation...

Guided Meditation on Forgiveness

Before you begin, find a quiet space where you can sit comfortably without being disturbed. This meditation aims to free you from negative energies and forgive those who have hurt you.

First Step: Breathing and Purification

Start by taking seven deep breaths. With each inhalation, visualize a column of Light above you, completely surrounding you, penetrating you and filling you with pure energy. With each exhalation, imagine expelling all your impurities - worries, sadness - like a cloud moving away from you. Let these negativities go, you lighten up and become Pure Light.

Second Step: Meeting and Absolution

Into your column of Light, invite the person who comes to mind. Open this sacred space to him and ask him to sit in front of you. Sitting cross-legged facing each other, create a visual connection, send sparks from your eyes to his. These light rays coming from your heart serve to absolve and recognize the contribution of this person to your journey towards Love.

Third Step: Energy Exchange

Take his hands. Ask him to accept a cosmic energy exchange cleanse. If she acquiesces, begin the exchange of love, from your right hand to her left hand, thus allowing you to release the negative bonds that unite you. Then feel, from his right hand to your left hand, the release of the emotional knots and negative energies that you carry him.

Step Four: Cyclic Purification

Perform this energy circuit seven times to fully purify your souls, minds and bodies. It is a deep cleansing process that erases memories of past events.

Conclusion: Openness and Gratitude

As you finish the exercise, release your hands and bring them to your heart, feeling an expansion in your capacity to love unconditionally. Thank this soul for the awareness and liberation it has brought you. Let it pass away peacefully, making way for more peace in your heart.

Repeat this meditation several times over a week or two weeks, until you come to feel unconditional love for the person in question. This will indicate that you have fully let go of resentments and that you are ready to move forward on the path to your Ascension.

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