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Activities at the Vortex

The initiatory journey at the Riambel Vortex begins with a silent immersion in the Well of Light, a space where earthly energy invites you to anchor. The meditation that follows at the heart of the Vortex allows for a deep harmonization of personal energies, in a quest for balance and well-being. It will take between one and two hours to complete the recommended activities on the Vortex, to benefit from its energies.




Welcome to the Vortex of Riambel. You will find several parking spaces in front of the park entrance. Access is free, head towards the cottage that you can see from the entrance. You will start to feel the energy of the place.



Visitor's center

The association that manages the Vortex de Riambel is made up of volunteers. The warm welcome and careful maintenance of the site are made possible thanks to the generosity of visitors. The donations collected are essential to preserve this spiritual place.

Well of Light


The Well of Light is the beginning of the spiritual journey at the Vortex of Riambel. This ritual of purification and preparation engages visitors in a solemn dance where they are invited to walk two concentric circles seven times each, symbolizing letting go and welcoming positive energies.


The Vortex


Meditation at the heart of the Vortex allows a deep harmonization of personal energies, in a quest for balance and well-being. Visitors are then invited to meditate in the chapel of their choice, where silence supports deeper introspection.




Seven spiritual chapels are arranged around the Source, each dedicated to one of the seven chakras. From root to crown, these chapels serve as refuges for contemplation and energetic alignment. Choose one or two chapels for 20 minutes of meditation.




After their meditation at the Vortex, visitors arrive at the Temple of the Earth and the Living. After receiving, it is time to give. It is a moment to feel union with the Earth and express one's love for the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms and humanity. This symbolic act seals the Vortex experience, leaving visitors with a feeling of unity and inner peace. This temple is linked to other similar places in the world.

Découvrir la méditation

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