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Cathy Muller, founder of Association TDA, followed her spiritual intuitions to uncover this place of powerful vibrational connections. As the founder of Ecole de Lumière in Switzerland, she brings a greater spiritual dimension to the site. The Vortex is a space where individuals come to meditate, grow personally and experience healing. This sanctuary provides a peaceful environment that nurtures love, inner peace and balance for all visitors.

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The Vortex after its discovery and before the construction of the chapels

How it all started

In the early 2000s, the Association TDA, a group of about thirty people, created a center for energetic healing in the heart of Mauritius, offering sessions in yoga, Reiki, meditation, channeling, and various energy treatments.


During one such meditation session, the group was guided to a special place of energy in the south of the island. Cathy Muller was the first to receive messages about this site, and others followed.


Their faith and patience were tested, as they knew little about this place and lacked funds. After several visits to the south and guided meditations, Cathy pinpointed the land where the Vortex lay, near Riambel, behind the marine cemetery.


With their request to the land ministry approved, they started constructing on this acre of land, a venture that today allows us to welcome spiritual seekers from all over the world, to benefit greatly from the energy of the Vortex.

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