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The Light Well

The Light Well at Vortex de Riambel is a meditation process structured around three steps: walking around the first and second circles seven times each, to release negative energies and welcome positive qualities, and standing still in the central circle to integrate the energy. These actions are associated with the seven chakras and promote emotional and spiritual healing.

Vue du puits de lumière au Vortex de Riambel, un chemin de pierre dans une verdure luxuriante

Liberation Path

The Light Well meditation journey at Riambel Vortex begins with the Path of Liberation, where visitors focus on releasing heavy emotions corresponding to the seven chakras. Each round of the first circle is dedicated to the elimination of fears, guilt, anger, sorrows, lies, illusions and attachments, allowing for mental and spiritual purification.

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Path of Grace

The Path of Grace follows, with an emphasis on welcoming positive energies. Participants circle the second circle welcoming trust, creativity, will, love, truth, light and detachment, aligning each chakra with positive attributes to promote balance and harmony.

One with the Divine

Participants finally immerse themselves in a moment of calm and integration at the center of the circles, absorbing the collective energy of their emotional release and positive acceptance. This final step is essential, allowing for a complete integration of the experience and ensuring that visitors leave the Vortex spiritually refreshed and emotionally balanced.

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The Well of Light is a preparation following the experience on the energetic Vortex and through meditation in the Chakra chapels.

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