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The crystalline connection with colors and their influence on our global being

The healing properties of crystals have been recognized since antiquity. Descriptions acknowledging these qualities can be found across numerous civilizations. Our ancestors valued these tools for healing—ancient Egypt revered malachite and lapis lazuli. Often, stones were crushed into powder for medicinal purposes. In the Far East, the “medicinal stones” were widespread; in China, for example, the first acupuncture needles were tipped with a tiny stone to amplify the treatment’s effect. The cultural belief was that touching the organ related to the ailment had an important role. Nowadays, we recognize the importance of the ability of these stones to act in a holistic manner—that is, on the body, soul, and spirit.

The colors perceived by our physical eyes resonate with vibrations that affect our emotional and mental state, thereby influencing our physical body as well. When we choose a color, we experience an emotion, a conscious or unconscious decision to amplify, modify, or subdue our behavior. This subtle energy often reveals aspects of ourselves that are not perceived by our surroundings. Our popular language is filled with expressions confirming the power of colors in everyday life. Red for anger, green for jealousy, blue for serenity, seeing life in “pink”… These color vibrations are harnessed by the physical and subtle bodies and can be a powerful tool for transformation. Each color releases a specific energy frequency, and each of our chakras absorbs the color that is most appropriate for its own material and subtle needs. The chakras receive, store, and transmit these colors, playing a crucial role in our consciousness and on our evolutionary path. They are portals that channel and transform vital energies.

Color is the language of light, and colors are created by the spectrum of light, like a rainbow. White light contains all colors; it just takes a portion of light being absorbed for a particular color to manifest. When light passes through a crystal, depending on the crystal, a specific color will be absorbed and another emitted, for instance, amethyst absorbs green and emits violet. Introducing a precious stone into our energy field is one of the ways to harness the myriad of possibilities offered to our subtle bodies, utilizing these energies to enhance our well-being.

Elixirs made from gemstones contain the very vibrations of the stone's essence. They impart vital energy to the body’s ethereal plane, and through the chakra system, they direct this energy to the areas of the physical body that need it most. The color frequency of a mineral harmonizes with the body's energy system, helping it to regain balance and restructure itself through repetitive crystalline vibrations. This electromagnetism induces a harmonization process in response to the body's energetic needs. It's a form of therapy that aligns the body and spirit, making use of the "earth energy" of colors. The use of crystals to prepare “energized waters” like elixirs is a method that harnesses not only the frequencies of colored stones but also the vibratory "essence" of water, reaping benefits from geological elements, metals, and minerals.

At the Vortex de Riambel, we offer stones that have been charged with the unique energy of the Vortex. Visitors to our center have the exclusive opportunity to purchase these energized stones, each holding the potential to harmonize and enhance personal well-being through the natural power of color frequencies and crystalline vibrations. Discover the transformative properties of these special stones and integrate their energy into your daily practice for a holistic balance of body, mind, and spirit.

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