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Lili Barbery: "it was damn powerful!"

Lili Barbery, a journalist and author celebrated for her elegant writing and pursuit of wellness, shared her transformative experience at the Vortex de Riambel, a potent and serene energy spot nestled in the majestic island of Mauritius. In her captivating article, she reveals how this sanctuary allowed her to deeply connect with herself and nature.

Upon her arrival, Lili was embraced by an atmosphere of tranquility, where the rustling leaves and birdsong composed the soundtrack to her meditation. She describes the Vortex de Riambel as a sanctuary where time appears to stand still, enabling visitors to open up to profound introspection and inner peace.

Lili's visit to the Vortex was not just a break from the hustle of daily life but a true immersion in a realm where vibrational energy is tangible. Guided by meditative practices and healing sessions, she explored the various spaces of the Vortex, each step offering her greater clarity and energetic renewal.

Lili Barbery's words on the Vortex de Riambel are not just a testament but a vibrant invitation to all those seeking a sacred space for rejuvenation. Her experience highlights the Vortex's ability to offer healing, inspiration, and a sense of oneness with the cosmos. Each visit adds to the rich history of this place, which continues to captivate and enrich the lives of those who seek refuge, wisdom, and balance there.

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